The Anatomy of a Dragon is like a Metal Band

This post is best read while listening to one of the following bands;

AnthraxDragonforceIron MaidenUnearthDarkest Hour etc.

Or if you don’t listen to Metal, then you might better understand what you’re missing, or even, what to stay away from.

I have discovered that Metal, or a lot of other fast and hard bands are great similes for the Dragon! Each and every part of the band can be broken down and compared to the elements of flight and fury that make up the beastly dragon.

The ANATOMY of a Dragon is a METAL Band

I. The Drums - The grizzly fluttering of their mighty wings.

Blast beats - Fast movements or high speed flight (especially when swooping down upon a feudal village or fighting another dragon.) 

  • Any band that doesn’t have blast beats might as well not have drums, therefore they don’t have wings–THEREFORE they are no dragon but a small weak lizard.

If a Metal band is a dragon, then that means Nickelback is salamander. Or Dave Matthew’s Band a newt.

Drum Fills - Any radical aerials or flips.


II. The Bass - The fast and sometimes ominous eyes of the fiery beast, that keeps the rest on track.

  • Trotting triplets - When the the dragon can dash his eyes back and forth as he steadily hunts his pray and watches his back for cowardly noble lords.

A Metal band without a bass player is…well…still a Metal band, meaning the dragon is blind. Probably because his eyes were plucked out by a Griffin. I guess he’ll have to dwell in caves then.

Griffin - Jazz or funk band.)

III. Guitar - All the physical attacks made by the scaled tyrant.

  1. Rhythm Guitar - Any attacks or acts of aggression made by the dragon. These are mainly with the claws and/or fangs.

  2. Lead Guitar and Solo - The furious tail which is broader, faster and sharper than 10,000 Knights’ Swords.

  • This is finest weapon in the dragon’s arsenal.

  • When you hear a Pinched Harmonic (a true guitar squeal,) that is when the dragon has slain a king or ruler.

IV. Vocals - The cavernous mouth of the Dragon. The loud cry of the lead singer is equal to the deafening screech of the Dragon.

  • Scream or Yell - None other than the Dragon’s Breath of Fire! Its dangerous stream of sulfur burns any and every village in it’s way.

Obviously not every Metal band screams, so not all dragons breathe fire (but all the scariest ones do).

I hope this has been another educating entry. I know I’ve learn a few things or two. Prehaps I have a new Nemesis? Probably not. I wouldn’t stand and chance against a Dragon. But maybe I could ride a dragon….hmm….

Michael J Sanders