In-the-mean-Time Capsules

I’ve always wondered what it might be like to have a time capsule. But honestly, in this fast day and age who has the time or patience to find that 20 to 50 year old box in the cold, hard ground filled with marbles and newspaper clippings? I don’t, that’s who! But the idea still intrigues me immensely. That’s why I propose the idea of weekly time capsules or what I’d like to call In-the-mean-Time Capsules.


Yes, In-the-mean-Time Capsules. Bury your stuff that is momentarily meaningless to you, but in a week will be like lost treasure to you! 

It is important to put things in the capsule you would think you go without for just a about a week or so.

Items I’d put in my In-the-mean-Time Capsule, and so should you:
1. An extra par of keys.
2. Watched Netflix DVDs. You’d probably wait a week to mail them back anyway.
3. Chapstick. It’s small, it’s cheap, it’s too perfect to not be in this.
4. A new roll of Toilet paper.
5. Gum. 
6. A bag of your favorite of chips (fun size preferred).
7. A clean pair of clothes. Bank on the fact you’ll be neck deep in dirty laundry, with nothing to wear.
8. Peanut Butter - Also would work well a 50 year capsule as well. (sorry TB)
9. Your checkbook - This will keep one from burying the capsule in some common place. The Capsule is worth the risk!
10. Coupons! - One would be so excited, they’d go straight to the grocery store to shop and save.
11. Left-overs from a hearty meal. (Tread carefully on this one)
12. Bills - This one you’ll actually love burying, but not digging up.
13. That funny list or inside joke you scribbled onto a napkin. In a normal time capsule, one would not remember the story, but after being a week in the ground, barrels of laughter will fill your insides again.
14. A can of your favorite soup. (I like Campbell’s Chunky Noodle).
15. Smokes. Then someone can say, “Congratulations! You’ve gone a week without smoking, now move them from the capsule to the trash.” If you go a week then you can go the rest of your life without them.
16. A jump drive. Make sure to put some important papers or files on it as well.
17. Concert Tickets or Wedding Invitations.
18. A squirt gun. No reason; they’re just awesome.
19. The iPhone. Think of this one like fasting; it’s honestly the only way to keep it in the ground.
20. And lastly, a stop watch.

SO there you have it. This what I’d put in the ground.

Michael J Sanders