Let There Blog is back with fiery vengeance! With new passions to burn into your retinas!

I have returned The Far East. Where I have learned the ways of the Thai. I can talk or write about my travels for days upon days upon weeks upon years… But upon my enlightening experiences, the best way, the only way, to tell you what I have experienced is through THAIKU.

Yes that is right! Thaikus are my Haikus about the Kingdom of Thailand. But it is truly best and wise for you to indulge my proverbs through AUDIO form. That right, AUDIO! So either read on, or feed your ears my delicious words that would charm a fire breathing Griffon to a restful purr.

by Michael Sanders©

One Night in Bangkok
Where Swooning over Swine Flu
becomes summer breeze

Thailand loves their king
Like the Sloth bear eats honey
Blamelessly content

Jungles cover walls
Elephants eat bananas
Burning Thai Massage

Rice and Thai Noodles
Go down like soft rose peddles
My insides rebuke

Geckos sing their praise
Eating mosquitos swiftly
Die you bug demons

Children crave english
Like Americans eat food
Sweet delicious food

Dollars can go far
Like Monkeys throw sugar dung
Cheap and good for laughs

The pit of Buddah
Removed from peach of reason
God Bless the mango

Canvas phanny packs
Burn to the bodies of man
Tourist lemon funk

Refugees party
Fireworks in squatty pots
Dance like herbs in breeze

Dogs control the streets
meep meep! Move off the road dog!
Here comes the tut tut

The Burmese Army
SPDC punk @sses
Go Swine Flu yourself

Airplane screaming child
Sleep like wise bonsai tree
And shut your face please

Tunic sensation
Woven by spider angels
Tight across my chest

Michael J Sanders