Let There Be Pickling

It is well known fact that I am not the sharpest cutlery the kitchen. It took 22 years of my life to figure out how to use the stove and boil something. I hope to one day know how to use a skillet, but one thing at a time please.

But I am an idea man. I know how to start something and run with it.

I bet you I could PICKLE! Doesn’t seem to hard right? All you need is water, salt, vinegar, a big jar, and the patience of an wise old soul.

It is not fair that Pickles, or should I say “Pickled Cucumbers,” get the sole credit and title of “Pickle” when there are many things that can be pickled, or should I say, could be pickled!



Starting every 3rd week of all months that have 31 days, I will be leaving work early to run my own Pickled Fruit stand on the side route 7 in Alexandria. We will start slow with only pickled grapes and pickled bananas, but hope to get to pickling Strawberries, Pairs, and Papayas soon after. You haven’t live until you’ve had a piping hot Pickled Papaya.

Don’t like the pickled products? Fine, try this one on for size!

On every 2nd and 3rd Wednesday night of the summer months my Pickled Fruit stand will roast candy in a portable wood stove. Roasting mallows is a thing of a primitive past. The new trend will be slow cooking Starburst, Tootsie Rolls, Circus Peanuts, and Cow Tails over a semi open fire.

It will be called Michael’s Pickle-Fru and Roasted Sweets Stand. Prices will be extremely economical and for every 20 pounds of fruit and sweets sold, Michael will give a dollar to a fund that builds public fire pits for the homeless.

I am taking volunteers to help donate candy and fruit produce.
Any fruit basket donated, will be solely used for pickling (and the basket will be broken down for the fire.)

Note: there will be no apple pickling. All donated apples will be eaten on site.


Michael J Sanders