Will There Be Blog?

A darkening in the skies over Bloggersville, U. S. of A. has occurred. But all, in this apple pie town, will look to one lone man to bring forth the light once again. Staring Michael Jebedilloh Sanders. in “There Will Be Blog” Rated R for Strong Grizzly Mysticism.

So this is it. I have started a blog! Instead of trying to think of more things to post right now, I will give my Declaration of Blog.

I, Michael “Mike” Sanders, do solemnly swear to post ‘my pants off’ (figuratively most times, literally sometimes), and promise that this blog will be best blog of all other blogs. It will be my personal mission to make you 'LOL’ until you honestly laugh aloud and turn over water coolers at your office or something of greater or equal value. I will put forth a mighty effort to post regularly. And guilt trips will be given frequently and swiftly.

Godspeed to you all in your daily Quests.

Michael J Sanders